Unexpected Results from Losing Weight

After non-stop reading of a community forum thread on My Fitness Pal, I have been inspired to write my own list of new things that have arrived since dropping 66 lbs.

  1.  Feet size:  Normally a solid size 9, I am finding that I can easily wear a pair 8.5.
  2. My feet do not go numb anymore while I am running.  Still do a bit at the end of a long elliptical session.
  3. I can see my feet when I stand.
  4. Clipping my toenails is easier.
  5. Tying my shoes…putting on shoes is easier.
  6. Shaving my legs is easier.
  7. My knees don’t constantly hurt and wobble.
  8. I am starting to have one of those things called a “thigh gap” (when I stand with my feet shoulder width+ apart…it counts).
  9. High heels still don’t feel great, but they definitely feel better than they did a few months ago.
  10. Hello crossing legs.  Haven’t seen you in a while.
  11. Don’t hold my breath when I bend over.
  12. What are those growths on my butt?  OH…those are butt bones.  Those actually exist?  No wonder my butt hurts after a few minutes of sitting on this hard chair.
  13. Can’t hold my alcohol like I used to = cheap date
  14. Losing 60+ lbs in 6 months can lead to lose skin.  I am been fortunately thankful that I haven’t experienced this, yet.
  15. When I sit in a normal sized chair, there is room on either side of me.  20 lbs ago we flew to Vegas and there was significantly more room in that awful Southwest seat than there was just a few months earlier.
  16. I love leggings.  I could live in these all of the time.  It is frustrating, but nice, when I buy new leggings and 4 weeks later they are too big.
  17. I am still the human furnace but I find myself getting cold throughout the day.  This never happened before.
  18. Sadly people are nicer to me.  People laugh at my jokes more.  People don’t interrupt me as often.
  19. I don’t stretch out on the recliner or couch anymore.  I much rather curl myself in a collapsible ball.
  20. My weight is 1 lb away from match the weight on my driver’s license.
  21. It is odd when people you haven’t seen in a while comment on your weight loss.  It is odd when people you haven’t seen in a while do not comment on your weight loss.
  22. Boobs.  Poor things.  Not as bad as they could be but definitely had to go down a band and a cup size.
  23. Arm pits are becoming actual pits.
  24. Bathrobe closes without having to be forced with the tie.
  25. My new engagement ring now needs to be sized down by 1.5.
  26. Public bathroom stalls are roomier.
  27. Looking forward to buying a new swimsuit for Florida.
  28. Put on my love’s skinny jeans yesterday…I liked how they looked and was actually surprised that the waist of the jeans were too loose.
  29. Put on my love’s other skinny jeans, size 10, and was surprised they buttoned and zipped.
  30. Couldn’t run.  Today I ran for 30 minutes without stopping.  I can run a 5k on the treadmill without stopping as well.
  31. Realizing that I have about 17 more lbs to go until I have 20% body fat.  This is amazing to me.
  32. Don’t have to keep retaking photos because I don’t like how I look (or requesting to be cropped out of a photo).
  33. Fitting into a pair of jeans that I was wearing when I first met my fiance.
  34. Not feeling like an oompa loompa around people that are smaller than me.
  35. Realizing that my brain and body still aren’t matched up yet.  For example, picking up a pair of jeans that might fit, holding them out in front of me by the waist and thinking, “There is no way I can fit in this.  This is too tiny.”  I put them on anyways and they fit just fine.  It is great but weird.
  36. My exercise stretchy pants are baggie.  I didn’t know this could happen.
  37. Fit into my first pair of size 10 jeans in 16 years.  I know that the 2000 size 10 is not the same as the 2016 size 10, but it is nice.
  38. Being called “skinny” by a coworker.
  39. Picking up a pair of jeans by the waistband and not believing that I can easily fit my body into to it.
  40. Did I mention being cold?  Yea, that is not fun.  I could spend an entire day in a hot shower.
  41. Did a 5k on a rower, butt bones were sore for two days.
  42. 4% of my weight used to be around 10 lbs, now it is only 6.
  43. Crawled over and sat on my love’s lap last night without squeezing the life out of her.  Huge accomplishment that I wanted to do it (would normally be embarrassed), but even better that I did.
  44. Since I don’t eat food that makes my stomach mad – less farting.
  45. When I feel bloated I still feel like I weight 70+ lbs.
  46. Getting upset when people tell me that I look really nice, did I not look really nice before I lost the weight?
  47. Getting upset when a young lady asks for me to take a photo of her group and requests that I take it from a higher angle because she is embarrassed by her fat.  I was her weight just a few months ago and made those same requests.
  48. Getting upset when a creepy old man in a truck is obviously checking me out.  Things like that makes me want to put the weight back on – on purpose.
  49. Last night I could super duper really feel like all of my hip bone – not just the normal pokey outey part.  Since my BMI still has me as “overweight”, I’m not worried about this.
  50. Losing almost 70lbs and still have my BMI report me as “overweight”.
  51. I really thought shopping would be fun after losing weight.  It is not.  It is stressful.  I have no clue what looks good on me anymore.
  52. It is really hard throwing away the fat clothes.
  53. I really don’t want people that I meet, that haven’t seen anything of mine on social media, to see photos of me when I was heavier.  I am worried that they would think differently about me.
  54. Thinking “train like an athlete” and not feeling ridiculous about it.
  55. Looking in the mirror at the gym while lifting weights and thinking, “Hey, I look like I belong in here.”
  56. Wishing those you love and care for would take control of their bad habits.
  57. Switching the mind set from weight loss to body fat percentages.
  58. Looking at myself in the mirror and really seeing that certain parts and areas appear “small”.
  59. Switched from craving sugar to craving salt.
  60. Feeling pretty again.
  61. Wanting to move and run more.  Just crazy.
  62. I sometimes just thing, “Wonder what all this body CAN do?”
  63. Enjoying buying new work out pants.  Could totally live in these 24/7.
  64. Tucking in my shirt and thinking it looks nice.
  65. Wanting to hang out and be friends with active people.
  66. Ordering a size medium pant and thinking there is a good chance that it will fit ok.
  67. Feeling bloated is evil.
  68. I still feel big.
  69. When I was bigger, I felt smaller.
  70. Realizing that my resting heart rate is one step below “athlete”.  Heck yea!
  71. Feeling uncomfortable when people ask me, “How did you do it?!”
  72. Feeling lame when my response is, “Eating right and exercising.”

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