+1 – 3 = 21

No, I haven’t lost my mind.  That math above makes total sense.  On Monday I weighed myself and I had gained one pound.  Today, I am down three.  This makes for a total of 21 pounds lost since June 29th.

How in the world did I gain one pound when the day before my love and I went on four hikes for a total of 8.25 miles?  The day before that we rain for 16 minutes on the treadmill (not sure how many miles, we are doing the Couch to 5k thing…so I’m just running)!  My diet has been awesome.  I am staying under my calorie goal every freaking day.  I cycle my carbs throughout the week.  High carbs on Monday and Thursday (after weighing of course) and low carbs on Sunday and Wednesday.  The rest of the week is kind of in the middle while leaning a little bit heavier on proteins.

Was I upset over the 1 pound?  No, not at all.  I know this is going to happen every once in a while.  I get some kind of sweaty activity every day and my diet is very good.  As long as I keep this up, the weight will come off.

Is it muscle?  Nah, it takes a long time to gain one pound of muscle.  I’m doing strength exercises but not enough to start gaining pounds of muscle yet.  I will get there but not there yet.

I honestly think that it was partially my body being a bit inflamed from the hikes the day before.  I also discovered that the veggies that I ate on Sunday (looking at you asparagus) can cause bloating.  This was discovered after I felt all day Monday that my jeans and bar were trying to kill me by cutting off my circulation.  Even my love said that she felt bloated on Monday.

After weigh-in I stuck to my higher carb day as planned.  Kept with the same exercise routine (Monday – cardio, Tuesday – strength & C25K, Wednesday – cardio).  This morning I weighed and I am 3 pounds down.  Woo hoo!

Eight more pounds and I can get a new pair of running shoes (my own personal goal)!


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