-16 & 28 days

If I have done my calculations right, I am down 16 pounds in 28 days.  Again, I know half of this is water weight but I don’t care.  There is 16 pounds less of me on this frame.

Am I starving myself?  Nope.  I am watching my calories through MyFitnessPal (love this website/app).  If you are already on this site you can follow me.  The name is DryCountyGuilt.

At least six days per week I do some kind of activity.  Normally it is the gym Monday – Friday.  Sunday is hiking.  Hiking burns millions of calories!  Well, maybe two hours of hiking can burn 1000 calories.  I am still okay with this.  Normal gym workout:

Monday:  light cardio walk (1% incline, 3.5 mph for an hour).  This gives the body, especially the legs, Tuesday:  strength training (this varies but normally it is hitting all major muscle groups with a moderate weight, 2 sets, 15 reps each)

Wednesday: heavy cardio walk (1-4% incline, 3.5 mph for an hour)

Thursday:  light cardio walk or strength training

Friday:  light cardio walk or strength training

Saturday: gym, yard work, or a break day

Sunday:  3-7 mile hike moderate hike.  I highly recommend the book Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests (of course if you live in the Atlanta area).  If has 60 hikes that are all less than 30 miles from the capitol building.  Some hikes are short and sweet, others are 12 miles and strenuous.

As you can see, I’m not what one would consider to be over-doing it at the gym.  I do know from this point on, the weight loss is going to slow down – a lot.  That is fine.  Weigh-in days are Monday and Thursday.  As long as burn more calories than what I consume per week, the weight should go down.  This isn’t rocket science.  Just got to stick with it and I will see results.

I also use my Garmin Vivofit to keep track of my steps.  I try (kind of) to reach the recommended goal for myself every single day.  With a desk job, this becomes harder on some days.

Just downloaded the Map My Walk app.  Not sure how much use I am going to get out of this.  Anybody else like it?

28 Days down…a lot more to go.  Can I tell a different yet?  I think so.  Parts of my jeans are baggy.  Shirts are laying a little bit flatter.  Maybe some in the face?  Hard to tell.

Worst part about waking up early to go to the gym?  Trying to sleep in on Saturday and still waking up early!  Totally not fair.  For those that don’t like to go to the gym because it is overcrowded with obnoxious others, I highly recommend going in the morning.  Other people that work out in the morning are usually not there to show off or bother others.  Most people in the mornings are aware of their surroundings.  The afternoon people are a different story – at least in the gym that I go to (and others that I have been to in the past).

Anyways, it is time for my first snack of the day!


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