Negative Eight

Today has been brought to you by the lovely number 8.  Well 8 lbs less of me actually.

With the wedding coming up in…hold on…let me check the calendar…292 days, I have finally jumped on the “bride bandwagon” and started to diet.  Now I am not going to say that I am just changing the way I am eating, or introducing activity to my life, or that this is the beginning of a new habit.  Nah, this is a diet.

Starting this past Monday (June 29th) I stopped eating crap, logged what I do eat, put down the booze, and got my happy a$$ back into the gym.  I know that 8 lbs sounds like a lot in one week but let’s be honest, it is all water weight.  I am going to accept it though.  Eight less pounds on my body means 8 less pounds on my bones when I walk.  This makes my joints feel a lot better.  Heck, over this past week I have noticed that I am less anxious, my stomach problems are almost gone, I am sleeping better, and instead of being exhausted at the end of a work day I now have energy and I am starting feel bored sitting around watching TV.  I am never bored sitting around watching TV!  This is madness!

You know what I do hate?  I hate packing a gym bag at night.  I hate packing my lunch bag at night.  I hate washing all of the gym clothes everyday.  I hate trying to put on make-up in a steamy locker room.  I hate looking down at my Garmin Vivofit and seeing that stupid red line stating that I need to get up and walk as it also states that I have walked over 9000 steps today.

I like that I am eight pounds less.

Anyways, over the next…292 days I will be kicking my own a$$ to drop a lot of weight (I have a lot of weight to drop).  I am keeping up with the food I do shove in my mouth and how many calories I do burn through MyFitnessPal.  Carbs, protein, and fat are all going in the gut.

In the end I made a promise to myself to get this stupid weight off.  It is time for it to go.


Tell me about it!

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